Pair Sense and Sight during a study

To pair a new Sense device during your study, tap the neck pad of Sense against the round sticker on Sight and listen for 1 beep followed by 3 short beeps.

To do this:

1. Position Sight so the side with the round sticker faces you.


2. Hold Sense’s neck pad flat against Sight.


3. Slide Sense down Sight until the neck pad touches the sticker.


If you hear 1 beep followed by 3 quick beeps, the devices are paired. You can now move Sense away.


You will hear another beep when you move Sense away from Sight.

If you hear:

  • 1 beep then 3 long beeps – Sense was too far away. Hold Sense closer to Sight and try again.
  • 1 beep then 1 long beep – tell your clinic so they can restart Sight’s software.
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