How to reattach the headpiece cover

To reattach the headpiece cover:


Before you reattach the headpiece cover, first ask for help. Have someone help you check for loose wires. If they find any, press the wires back into their grooves.

The wires can get damaged if they are not securely within their grooves before reattaching the headpiece cover. If the wires are damaged, this could negatively impact the quality of your study. Having someone assist you with this process will minimize this risk. 

1. Lay the wire loops over each other, then lightly place the headpiece cover over the top of the EEG headpiece. Ensure the long end points towards the back of your head.

2. If you notice wires poking out from the top or from under the cover, push them back in with your fingers.

3. Click the cover into place by pressing down on the top and sides. 


If there are still elevated areas, press down where the cover has not clicked into place.

4. Gently pull on the headpiece cover to confirm it is secure.

5. Now you can put Sense back on and reconnect QuickConnect.

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