Connect Sight to home Wi-Fi

Seer may contact you and ask you to connect Sight to your home Wi-Fi using the monitoring portal (an app that comes pre-installed on the included iPad®). 

To connect Sight to home Wi-Fi, tap the Seer icon Seer icon.png on the iPad.

1. Select the Wi-Fi Connection tab.

Frame 2246.png

2. If your Wi-Fi network does not appear, select Scan for Wi-Fi networks. 

Scan for networks new.png

3. Select your Wi-Fi network.

4. Enter your Wi-Fi password and select Connect.


The password is not obscured and the first letter does not default to uppercase.

5. Once successful, you will see a confirmation message and the connected network's name will be in orange.

Confirmation new.png


If you've entered an incorrect password, you will see Network Connection Failed error message.

Error message.png


If the connection was not successful, the monitoring portal will show a Connection Failed error message next to the network's name.

Error message 2.png


If you want to disconnect from the Wi-Fi connection, select Disconnect from this network.

Disconnect from the network.png

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