A WaterTab is loose... what do I do?

If a WaterTab comes off your head or is loose, repair it using the repair stick in Seer Home Kit.

To do this:

1. Prepare a damp cloth.

2. Spread the repair gel around the edges of the WaterTab in a thin layer, where it lifts from your head. You can use a cotton bud, your finger or the tip of the syringe to do so.


Only apply the repair gel on the edge of the WaterTab.

3. Press the WaterTab down over the electrode for 30 seconds, with medium pressure. As it dries, the repair gel will become sticky.

4. Wipe away extra gel from the edges of the WaterTab using the damp cloth.

5. Check the WaterTab after 3-4 hours, and press down for another 30 seconds until it’s firmly stuck to your head. If the WaterTab is still loose, repeat steps 2-5.

6. If there is gel on your fingers, wash it off in warm, soapy water.

7. Once the repair gel has set, refill the electrode under the WaterTab.


If you need to repair a WaterTab before bed, cover it with baking paper to stop it sticking to your pillow.

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