Set up Sight

During monitoring, stay in view of Sight so it captures your events on its built-in camera and microphone. This footage will assist your medical professional to diagnose your events correctly.


Expand the accordions to find out how to set up Sight.

How to set up Sight

To set up Sight:

1. Place Sight in a corner of the room where you'll spend the most time – make sure the camera is facing you.

2. Raise the camera pole:

a. Open the bottom latch of the camera pole. Hold the bottom of the camera with your other hand and lift the camera pole carefully.

b. Once this section is fully extended, close the bottom latch and then repeat with the second and third latches.

3. Plug Sight into power:

a. Plug the connector into Sight with the flat part facing-up – it will click when it locks into place.

b. Plug the power brick into a power socket – Sight's light will stop flashing when Sight is connected to power.

How to move Sight

If you'd like to spend more than 1 hour in another room, move Sight with you so it can continue to capture your events.

To move Sight:

1. Unplug Sight from power.

2. Lower the camera pole one latch at a time, carefully holding the base of the camera as you lower it down.

3. Wheel Sight to your new location.

4. Place Sight in the new room with the camera facing you.

5. Plug Sight back into power.


If you need to move out of view of Sight (e.g. to attend an appointment, or go to the bathroom), you don't need to take Sight with you. Leave it plugged in where it is. Try to limit your time away from Sight to 1 hour maximum per day.

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