Take off and put on Seer Sense

You can take a shower anytime during monitoring. Before you do, remove Seer Sense and leave it outside the bathroom.


Seer Sense will beep every 5 minutes that it's disconnected from the EEG headpiece.

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Take off Seer Sense

To take off Seer Sense:

1. Disconnect the magnetic connector, pulling it upwards off the EEG headpiece. Seer Sense will make a disconnection sound. 


2. Pull the ECG cable off the chest stickers. Remove the chest stickers and throw them away.

3. Lift Seer Sense off your shoulders.

4. Remove the chest (ECG) stickers and throw them away.

Put Seer Sense back on

To put Seer Sense back on:

1. Put Seer Sense back over your shoulders.

2. Reconnect the magnetic connector – put the gold pins into the holes on the top of the EEG headpiece. The magnetic connector will lock into place and Seer Sense will make a single connection sound.


Ensure the EEG headpiece is completely dry and free from hair and debris before reconnecting the magnetic connector.


3. Connect the chest (ECG) stickers.

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