Refill electrodes and replace chest stickers

If your study is 4 + days, you will need to refill electrodes and replace your ECG stickers.

You will find everything you need in your Seer Home Kit.

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Refill electrodes

During monitoring, your clinic may ask you to refill some or all of the electrodes. This usually happens after 4 days of monitoring, or if an electrode is not recording data as expected.

Refill your electrodes using the refill stick in your Seer Home Kit:

1. Locate the hole in the middle of the electrode.

2. Insert the tip of the refill stick into the hole using medium pressure to break through the WaterTab – the tip will stop before it reaches your head.

3. Inject one dose of conductive paste – each number on the side of the refill stick represents 1 dose.


4. Remove the refill stick and gently press the electrode. 

5. Repeat for all electrodes which need repairing.


The Seer Home Kit for patients contains 4 refill sticks. 1 refill stick contains enough conductive paste to refill 10 electrodes.

Replace ECG stickers

If a chest sticker comes off or is loose, press firmly to stick it down again.

If this doesn't work, apply a new one from your Seer Home Kit.

ECG stickers are colour-coded to help you place them correctly. The image shows you where to place them.


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