Get ready for your study

Expand the headings to find out what to expect before, during and after your monitoring.


What to do before your appointment

Before your appointment, make the following preparations:

  • Bring someone to the appointment who can help you at home.
  • Come with clean, dry hair. Wash with shampoo but don't use conditioner or hair products – this will help to collect useful data.
  • Download the Seer app – your medical professional will show you how to use it to learn how to use it to manage your medication and record your events.
  • Wear a button-up or loose-fitting shirt to the appointment – the medical professional will connect the electrodes to your chest.
  • Arrange to travel home by car – this makes it easier to take the equipment with you.

If you have any questions before your appointment, contact your clinic.

You might also like to write down questions to ask your medical professional during your appointment.

What to expect at the clinic

During your appointment, your medical professional will attach electrodes to your chest and head, and connect you to Seer Sense.

You will then take Seer Sense, Seer Sight and Seer Home Kit, and Seer Home Portal home with you.

What to expect when you're back at home

When you get home after your appointment, you'll be able to continue with daily life with some differences.


After your study

Once your study ends, you'll:

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