FAQs about monitoring

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Can the equipment get wet?

If the equipment gets wet, it may get damaged and stop working correctly.

If you intend to take a shower, disconnect Sense and leave it outside the bathroom first.

Sweating can also affect the recording, so avoid intense exercise or wearing head coverings or hats that make you sweat.

Do I need to adjust Sense during monitoring?

If you have a 4-day study (or longer) you'll need to refill electrodes using the refill sticks in your Take-home Kit. 


Can I leave the room or house?

Yes, you are fully mobile with Sense.

However, when you're away from Sight, it won't take video or audio footage of you, so try to limit off-camera time to 1 hour.

If you need to move rooms (e.g. to sleep), take Sight with you and place it in the new room



Wear Sense under clothing to keep it in position overnight.

Where does my data go? (Seer's commitment to privacy)

Data from your study, including video footage, is stored and reviewed by your medical professional in Seer's secure, cloud-based platform.

Why is Sense beeping?

Sense beeps every 5 minutes when QuickConnect is disconnected. During this time, Sense will not record EEG data.

If Sense is beeping and you're not sure why reconnect QuickConnect so Sense can continue to collect your data.

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