What is Seer Home and how does it work?

Expand the headings to find out about home video-EEG monitoring and the equipment you'll use during your study.

What is home video-EEG monitoring?

Home video-EEG monitoring is a comfortable and safe method of collecting and recording brain, heart and video data from the comfort of your home.

This helps your doctor to pinpoint the cause of your events.

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What will monitoring be like?

First, you’ll attend an appointment to get connected with Seer Sense.

Then, you’ll go home and take Seer Home with you.

Once you set up Seer Sight, you can go about your life as normal and even disconnect Seer Sense to shower.

What happens after monitoring?

At the end of the study, you'll remove Seer Sense and wash out the electrodes before returning Seer Home to your clinic. Your clinician will review the data and send a report to your doctor.

What is Seer Home™?

Seer Home is a group of devices used during your home monitoring to collect and report on brain, chest and video data of your events.

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What is Seer Sense?

Seer Sense is a lightweight device that you wear at home during monitoring.

It sits on your shoulders and connects to your head and chest electrodes to gather brain and heart data.

It sends this data to Seer Sight which uploads it to Seer Cloud for your clinician to review. 

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What is Seer Sight?

Seer Sight captures your events on its in-built camera and microphone day and night. 

At the end of your study, your clinic will check this data. 

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What is Seer Home Kit?

The Seer Home Kit includes all the items you need for an easier, more comfortable home monitoring experience. 

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What are WaterTabs®?

WaterTabs® are adhesive tabs designed to keep electrodes secured on your head during your study.


What is the Seer app?

Seer – Epilepsy Management app (the Seer app), allows you to log events as they happen and manage your medication. It also offers seizure forecasting which predicts your risk of seizures based on your recorded events.


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