How to log events on the Seer app

To report events on the Seer app, first ensure you have downloaded the app and logged in.

Once you are logged in, you will see a homepage with a blue "+" circle at the bottom center of your screen.

1. Tap the + button to select from a range of actions, including Report event, As needed meds and Daily check-in. Select "Report event" to then fill in details regarding your symptoms and the timing of the event.

2. Add the date, time, and duration of your event. Enter as much information as you can – this will help your physician make an accurate diagnosis.


The Seer app will select the current date and time by default. If either is wrong, edit by tapping on them.



3. Once the relevant fields are complete, select Save at the top right hand side of your screen to ensure the details are saved. The Seer app will take you back to the home screen and you will see a notification which says "Event added".


Once you record an event, you'll have the option later to "Report again" for future events. This appears at the top of the screen when you select "Report event." Using an event from the "Report again" section will pre-fill out the same symptoms and details as the previously recorded event.

If you choose this option to report further events, just ensure you've input the correct time of when the event occurred, as it will time-stamp to that time on your study.

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